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Émaux Ombrants Pope Pius X Portrait Tile George Cartlidge

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £150 (approx. $200)
Stock number: 06310

UK Special Delivery £160

EU Priority £165

US and World Priority £170

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Slight rubbing near the rim from the original frame.


Style: Figural 'photographic'
Technique: Émaux ombrants
Artist: George Cartlidge
Manufacturer: Sherwin & Cotton
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1904 (introduced)


Pope Pius X may seem an unlikely subject for George Cartlidge's attentions as it took him about a month to model the plates that made the tiles possible so an interesting choice of subject. Pius X was a traditionalist, he would have disagreed strongly with the current pontiff Francis, yet George Cartlidge was an exponent of modern design. Maybe that goes to show that modernity in art does not exclude conservatism in other matters.


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