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Rare Jackson Brothers Block Print Tile

Condition: Very fine
Price: £120 (approx $203)
Stock number: 03740

UK Special Delivery £130

EU Airsure £134

US and World Airsure £138

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Tiny chips to the corners, nothing else to speak off, fabulous shiny glaze surface virtually unmarked.


• Style: Aesthetic floral
• Technique: Block print & tint
• Manufacturer: Jackson Bros
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1884 (registered)


A rare and quite amazing tile although perhaps the reasons not immediately apparent. A pleasing floral design within a circular cartouche surrounded by stylised floral elements suggesting a cross between gothic and japanoiserie, very typical of the period the design being registered in 1884. Nice colours and therein is part of the mystery for it is a block printed tile with the red at the corners overpainted yet underglaze. Of course one can't be sure the colours coincide precisely with the date of introduction or registration but they should be within three years before the registration expired and so are quite special.

A six colour tile, the outline printed in dark brown, blue, green, yellow and warm brown fill colours printed and burgundy at the corners hand painted. It is fascinating that they made the effort to paint those tiny flowerheads at the intersections especially in rich red for it potentially caused problems in firing resulting in more waste production.

Block printing was a speciality of Mintons Ltd indeed very few of their tiles are coloured by hand, despite their reputation for art tiles they were mostly mechanical decorators. We have seen some made by Steele & Wood, uncommon but found from time to time and in some colours that Mintons apparently could not achieve, some with a textured effect that softens the bold conformity of block printed colours. This is a first from Jackson Bros and a great find, a good range of colours to find block printed and a tile of interest to serious collectors and of museum interest.

So who were Jackson Brothers? Their wares are seen from time to time but not in any great quantity but for sure many get wrongly attributed. They used a grid grip pattern (like Mintons Ltd) and rail pattern like Marsden, Wedgwood and many others, very few are identified, some are named and some have a design registration number. They registered twenty designs between 1884 and 1886.

Verso a little grubby and rust stained along one edge, rail pattern, design registration number printed



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