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Antique Gothic Print & Colour Tile


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £110 (approx $171)
Stock number: 03164B

UK Special Delivery £119

US and World Airsure £127

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A little roughness to the tip of the edge mid left, very near perfect surface. A few decorating flaws where marks to the black have occurred during decorating and been overpainted.

Copeland verso.


• Style/technique: Floral print & colour
• Made by:
W T Copeland*
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
circa 1880**


A most singular and demonstrative tile in terms of both design and colour that will hold its own and more amongst most collections of superb tiles. A wonderful gothic design, light, bright and cheerful gothic, if that's not an oxymoron, with some classical influence. Rare colouring the background to the outline print painted in solid black and with three further painted colours overglaze decorated. Shiny black as any black car owner knows is most unforgiving of even the tiniest marks so it was rarely used and even more rarely has it successfully stood the test of time. It appears that the outline print was applied and then the black painted first then the other colours painted (as they spill over the black) and the tile fired again.

* Interesting versos, in the group there are Copeland dust pressed which are very uncommon and the triple X usually seen on Doulton Lambeth hand decorated tiles although since we have seen another well known Copeland pattern on a triple X biscuit. Doulton being mainly plumbing fixtures and sanitaryware manufacturers had trading relationships with many tile companies including both the fiercely competitive Minton Hollins and Mintons China Works. It is considered more likely that these are the product of Copeland than Doulton Lambeth Studios with the distant third possibility of another tile decorating specialist. It seems most likely that Doulton and Copeland bought biscuit in from the same supplier.

** Likewise difficult to date for sure the decorating technique similar to that in use by the Minton companies around 1870 but quite possibly later 19thC as Doulton continued making a variety of individual hand decorated tiles in to the 20thC. The style suggests an earlier time frame too but the pattern number if Doulton's suggests later 19thC. 1865 - 1895 is as close as I can suggest with any degree of certainty.

Copeland dust pressed biscuit is also of uncertain date, it is considered unlikely that they made their own but bought it in. It appears that the dust pressed are quite early and they reverted to plastic clay biscuit but this is by no means certain. The triple X biscuit is attributed to Minton Hollins by Austwick but this is thought to be an error and more likely made by Mintons China Works or Marsden. Minton Hollins to my knowledge did not make any unnamed tiles whereas Mintons China Works did and apparently one or more especially for Doulton. Doulton also certainly had tiles made for them by Marsden and Maw.

Versos soot stained and grubby with painted pattern number, embossed W T Copeland etc or XXX.



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