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Arts & Crafts Tubeline Tile Carter

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £240 (approx $385)
• Stock number: 03043C

UK Special Delivery £249

EU Priority £253

US and World Priority £257

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Some touches od wear to the tubeline and a very tiny glaze chip.


• Style: Anglo-persian
• Technique: Tubeline
• Maker: Carter
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1910


A fabulous and rare arts & crafts tile. A William de Morgan design made in the tube line technique, slightly simplified from the original but more than compensated for by the vibrancy of the blue glazes which are imperfectly represented in the picture. An iznik or anglo-persian design in it's original form yet the flow of the line accords well to the sensibilities of art nouveau design prevalent when it was made. The design is number 591 in The Designs of William de Morgan by Martin Greenwood and 170 in Jon Catleugh's William de Morgan Tiles.

Entirely handmade in the arts & crafts tradition, Carter & Co plastic clay blank with impressed stamp and hand cut locking channels, this in itself is rare. Undercut so that edges would marry up precisely, and this tile is actually very square so they did, excellent quality buff clay, a top quality piece of workmanship. This was a very expensive tile the combination of techniques only for the discerning customer.

Super colours, great cobalt blue but the turquoise is absolutely magical (better than de Morgan achieved!) Background is tin glaze (or engobe) tinted to a pale lavender colour, stems and base of the flower are in extremely rare black glaze which has taken very well and has a perfect gloss. A superb design in fabulous condition, in all an outstanding tile which in the hand is almost magical.

Verso near perfectly clean impressed Carter of Poole and hand cut locks.


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