Mintons Hollins Hand Painted Gothic Tile
  • Style/technique: Gothic handpainted
  • Manufacturer: Minton Hollins
  • Dimensions: 8" x 8"
  • Date: circa 1870


An illustration of a Cockatoo in Gothic style, entirely handpainted.

Outstanding quality, the bird on branch is excellently represented ands when one also realises the intricacies of the border painting the painters skills are truly understood. Enamel painted in chocolate brown on a good quality buff clay plain tile.

Verso typical Minton Hollins fully named. There are no artists marks so this is assumed to have been made at the Minton Hollins works rather than outside, if outside it would have been at a company of great repute for any artist would wish to put their mark on this work.

Condition: Excellent+

Price: £275 (approx $515)

Ref: 02407

Removed from furniture this tile is in excellent condition. There are two scratches to the enamel at the bottom of the circle and a few short light scratches on the plain area to the left of them.

UK Special Delivery £284

US and World Airsure £295

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