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Two or more tiles that make a panel or group

See also antique-fireplace-tiles for sets of four, six, eight, ten, and twelve

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We may have more of a particular pattern/series than shown as it is not always possible to list all together. Please ask if you require several matching tiles, more than 4 or 5 in very good or better condition is unusual.
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Group of 54 6" x 6" Victorian Majolica Tiles
Group of 3" x 3" Victorian Majolica Tiles
Group of 3" x 3" Victorian Majolica Tiles
Group of 3" x 6" and 3" x 3" 'Victorian' Majolica Tiles
Set of Four Seasons by Steele & Wood
Complete Charlotte Rhead Splashback Panel c.1910
Mintons Renaissance Style Panel Rd.1892
Set of 24 6x3 Tubeline Border Tiles
Maw & Co., Broseley, Arts & Crafts Movement Style Panels.
A small group of Elsley tiles ideal for a washbasin splashback
J. C. Edwards Lustre probably designed by L. A. Shuffrey
Maw & Co. Lustre probably designed by C. H. Temple
Maw & Co. Lustre probably designed by C. H. Temple
Pilkington's Tile & Pottery Co. designed by C. F. A. Voysey
Group of 72+ Maw Ruby Lustre 3x3 Patent Texture Tiles
More groups of 3x3 tiles
Group of Twenty-Four Mintons Hearth Tiles

Lady Musicians by Steele & Wood, full set (7 tiles)
Birds Hunting by W. T. Copeland
Aesthetic Movement Panel by Mintons
Minton, Hollins & Co.
Maw & Co.
Minton Tile Borders
Pilkington Tile Borders
Group of 36 Doulton Medieval Arts & Crafts Tiles
26 tiles, Minton
23 tiles, Maw
Group of 28 Minton Renaissance Embossed Tiles
Group of 30 Rococo Floral Majolica Tiles
Groups of 3x3 tiles for frames and splashbacks etc
52 3x3 Minton

23 4x4 Minton
Sherwin & Cotton, Rococo
Marsden, Painted Arts & Crafts
Gothic Design by Pugin, Minton & Co,/Minton, Hollins & Co.

Maw & Co. Cornucopia Swag
Mansfield, illustration is from catalogue, double this quantity available
Maw & Co., double this quantity available, numerous arrangements possible, click to see some.


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