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Carter & Co. began in 1873 when Jesse Carter bought a bankrupt brick and tile company, later, presumably in the early 1890s, a range of decorated wall tiles were added to their products. Printed wall tiles from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are found on a variety of biscuit from other manufacturers, several printed and painted designs have been found in colour printed versions suggesting it is more likely that the whole wall tile manufacture was subcontracted rather than Carter decorating others' biscuit. Embossed tiles were made by Maw & Co. who made tiles for other well known names including W. B. Simpson, Doulton, and C. P. Sutcliffe (Broughton trade mark). It is likely that Carter, as these other companies did, acted as agents for Maw and used their stock tiles to support Carter's own patterns in installations, sometimes Maw's tiles get mistaken for Carter such as top left illustration on page 86 in 20th Century Decorative British Tiles. When the White Works was completed (construction had started in 1905) pottery manufacture took place in Poole and apparently a few years later pottery wall tiles. Relatively soon afterwards embossed tiles by Carter appear to cease whilst other manufacturers, notably Maw and Richards, continued making embossed tiles as their main decorative products at least in to the 1930s. It is not known to what extent tubeline tiles were made by Carter or by subcontractors, whilst certainly some are found on Carter's own handmade blanks most are on machine made blanks from Maw and it again seems likely that the whole tile manufacture was subcontracted.


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